Weir Phillips Architects has an individual approach when it comes to design. We know that one size doesn’t fit all; we tailor our approach to clients’ needs, requirements and desires.

For that reason, no two Weir Phillips’ projects look the same, but what ties them together is an integrity of design and a final result that reflects the owners’ personalities or, in the case of a commercial project, creates an environment that successfully reinforces company philosophy and profile.

Our team includes architects, project managers and builders. We also work closely with Weir Phillips Heritage and Planning.  As a result, we are able to keep almost all work in house.

This means we can take all projects from conception to completion - dealing with design, planning, documentation, negotiations with council, including any heritage issues that may arise, contract administration and building processes.

We believe that this holistic approach leads us to provide the best advice and service possible and an exceptional outcome for our clients.

We are proud to say that virtually all our work comes via referral from our clients. We make a point of keeping our jobs on budget and on time. We don’t shy away from the difficult - we see each project as a new and interesting challenge.

Weir Phillips Architects has been engaged by a wide range of clients ranging from private individuals to ASX listed corporations.

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